You left us too soon.

My little angel, I radiated happiness when I found out I was pregnant. I was finally going to be a mother. My heart melted when I saw your heart flicker and heard it beat and I realized I wasn’t going to be a mother, I already was one. I worried about the challenges ahead but […]


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The Safe Bet – Ian

On paper, Ian checked all the boxes, even boxes I never knew I had. He surpassed expectations. The conversation flowed effortlessly. He was so attentive. He was always going the extra mile, trying to bring a smile to my face. He was a quality man. A GOOD man. Husband material. He was the safe bet. […]

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When we bury our head in the sand, we ignore life’s problems and deny ourselves of the opportunity to fix them.

Aiden was known to bury his head in the sand, ignoring life’s problems and denying himself the opportunity to fix them. Aiden and I haven’t been together for some time now. He refused to address our problems. He convinced himself that I was the problem. That I wasn’t right for him and that there was something “better” out […]

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Me: Wyd Aiden: Walking over to Janice’s to join her for a couple scotches Me: Janice???? Again? My phone rang. Aiden reassured me it wasn’t what I was thinking. Janice was his childhood friend’s moms. He had spent a lot of time at Janice’s house since childhood and had gone on trips with his friend […]

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Enjoy the rainbow with me

“Anyone is easy to love when there’s nothing but sunshine. But I am asking to be loved when there’s rain, thunderstorms, hurricanes and tsunamis. I want someone who will be there to enjoy the rainbow with me.” – Pierre Jeanty Our relationship was no fairy tale. Aiden was no prince charming. In fact, he more […]

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The dark side.

I will never know the genuineness of Aiden’s words. The genuineness of his feelings. What I do know is I felt real pain. I cried real tears. The loss was so overwhelming at times. Unbearable. I would give anything to stop my heart from aching. I questioned my ability to go on. In these moments of weakness, thoughts from […]

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CRAZY in love.

I question whether I have lost my mind. I completely snapped when I realized it was over. His empty proposals had led to a history of heartache. Nonetheless, when he asked me to be his wife, I blindly trusted him. I knew he would struggle, but I believed this time he would follow though. He […]

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